Nintendo 3DS nearing one million sales in UK

iwata 3ds1

The Nintendo 3DS is within reach of achieving one million sales across the United Kingdom, Pocket Gamer report.

A source has revealed that this week’s Gfk Chart-Track data confirms that the handheld has sold nearly 950,000 units in the 61 weeks that it has been on sale.

Such a figure has taken longer to reach than its Nintendo DS predecessor, which hit a million in just 51 weeks back in March 2006.

The difference in price point is an aspect that Gfk Chart-Track’s business group director Dorian Bloch was keen to point out when making the comparison, the Nintendo 3DS being priced at £202 on average for its opening 10 weeks whereas the Nintendo DS was £98.

Stalled sales have seen Nintendo price cut their latest handheld, which is now available for an average of £140, with resurgent dominance, particularly within the Japanese market.

By the end of last year, Nintendo announced that the handheld had become its fastest-selling console worldwide.

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