Nintendo 3DS delivers first birthday surprise

iwata mii 3ds1

As the Nintendo 3DS reaches the ripe old age of one, Nintendo have suitably delivered a present to European owners of their latest handheld system.

Those that head to their StreetPass Mii Plaza will find that a special Mii adorning a blue top and pair of silky golden pants, Mr. Iwata, has been delivered through SpotPass as a StreetPass visitor!

“I’m Iwata. (From: Nintendo)”, his digital likeness gibbers. “I came here through SpotPass! Nice to meet you! 1st anniversary! Recently I’ve been playing Mario Kart 7!”

This unlocks the ‘Met a special Mii!’ accomplishment, with Iwata also owning every piece in Puzzle Swap to aid your collection (that includes the elusive Pink puzzle pieces!), as well as aiding you in battling foes as a level 5 hero in StreetPass Quest.

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  1. Yeah, it was a nice surprise! The most flashy part was that Iwata had ALL the puzzle pieces *g* … too bad one cannot meet him everyday. I just hope they are going to do more surprise stuff like that. How else should one get the accomplishment for “Met 10 Special Miis”…!? It would take 10 years if they kept this pace, LOL!

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