Nintendo 3DS continues North American sales success


After August success, the Nintendo 3DS has remained the best-selling system across North America for the fourth consecutive month.

Nintendo can celebrate 6.47 million units of software having been sold throughout the year so far, with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Animal: Crossing New Leaf accounting for the majority of this.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has sold nearly 190,000 physical and digital copies since its August 11th launch, whilst New Super Mario Bros. 2 (406,000 units), Fire Emblem Awakening (390,000 units) and Mario Kart 7 (352,000 units) have all seen steady sales.

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  1. I just got a 3DS as well, along with Shinobi 3D and Nano Assault.

    Very happy with it so far but wish there were Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance titles on Virtual Console and really waiting impatiently for Streets of Rage 3D.

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