Nintendo 3DS battery life to last between 3-5 hours

nintendo 3ds1

Nintendo have finally confirmed the battery life for the Nintendo 3DS through their official website for the handheld system.

Whilst playing specific Nintendo 3DS titles, avid gamers can expect the in-built battery to last between three-to-five hours, whereas for those playing original DS titles will find it sporting a slightly longer life that is estimated at lasting between five-to-eight hours. Such figures, however, are apparently dependent on how bright the screen is whilst in use.

In comparison, the Nintendo DSi has an average battery life of between nine-to-fourteen hours whilst playing on the lowest brightness setting, with its DS Lite predecessor averaging fifteen-to-nineteen hours.

Further details are also revealed about the 3DS, mentioning that the company estimates that the handheld will take an approximate 3.5 hours to fully charge.

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