Nintendo 2DS Price Cut To $79.99 In North America

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Nintendo of America has announced a Nintendo 2DS price cut, which will see the handheld’s suggested retail price reduced to $79.99.

From May 20th that will save you an additional $20 from the previous price, with some retailers continuing to offer systems that come with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed.

The Nintendo 2DS was first introduced in October 2013, as an alternative to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. It shifted away from the normal clamshell design, and removed the ability to view games in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D. It can still used to play all Nintendo 3DS games, as well as “nearly all” Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.

“Nintendo 2DS is the best value available for a portable dedicated gaming system and is great for gaming on the go,” commented Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “The system has a library full of high-quality games for purchase, some in our Nintendo Selects category for less than $20 each, featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Zelda.”

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  1. Yo, Nintendo, you’re cutting the price on the wrong system!! If you really want to jump-start sales, which is why you’re lowering the price, then lower the price on the NEW 3DS!!

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