Ninjala Season 2 Introduces The Board Weapon And Shinobi City Stage

Ninjala Logo

GungHo Online Entertainment has confirmed that Ninjala Season 2 will start around the world on Wednesday 26th August 2020.

This will introduce the Board as a new weapon class, with four variations – the Festival Board, Home Run Surfer board, Camu Camu Plate and Ninja Caliber Board – that each offers new Gum Ninjutsu, abilities and specials.

It will also add Shinobi City, a new Japanese-themed stage which explores the hometown of the shinobi. You will be able to use the hot springs to recover your health and increase your Shinobi Gauge.

In Ninjala, you play as a modern-day ninja who is challenged to take part in the Ninjala tournament, using Ninja-Gum to blow bubbles that can be hurled at your enemies and having the chance to craft your weapons.

Without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you will participate in Battle Royale-style matches against up to eight players.

Whoever earns the most points during each match will be declared the winner, which are scored by defeating your opponents, obtaining items, destroying drones positioned across the stage, and more.

You can even earn extra points by taking down your opponents with an IPPON, that are described as impressive finishing techniques.

There’s also a cooperative mode where you can team up with your friends to battle it out in 4-on-4 team matches, where you must work to secure more points than your opposition.

Your avatar can also be customised with costumes and accessories from unique fashion brands that can be combined as you wish to create a style that’s all your own.

Ninjala is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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