Nicalis: Nintendo eShop “has really turned things around”

The Nintendo eShop has a “much better outlook” than the company’s previous ventures into digital distribution, according to Nicalis CEO Tyrone Rodriguez.

He was critical of WiiWare, stating that the “system was broken because it was trying to be fair and feature nothing” meaning that customers were never really directed towards the best releases. The eShop, thankfully, has addressed that.

“The eShop, I feel, has really turned things around for Nintendo on the digital side because the storefront is heavily feature-driven”, Rodriguez explains. “Any publisher can still produce whatever it wants, similar to iOS in both regards. However, given the feature-oriented nature, the eShop is quasi-curated without being some lame PR line like, ‘consciously developing a curated portfolio’ “.

He continues, “Since the eShop is heavily feature-driven, this not only helps promote titles, it forces publishers and developers to make better games, hopefully. You want to get featured? You better have something good to show, curated or not. Will this change in the future? I have no idea as I’m not Mr.Iwata, but I do know that compared to how we did on WiiWare and DSiWare, eShop has a much better outlook”.

[Thanks Destructoid via Nintendo Life]

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