Nicalis: Nintendo 3DS launch line-up is “lacking”

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It would seem that Nicalis, developer of the acclaimed Cave Story, aren’t too overwhelmed by the launch software line-up for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, even going as far as describing them to be “lacking.”

Making such a comment on popular social media site Twitter, an undisclosed staff member from the developer wrote “One more week until 3DS is available in Japan. Very exciting, even if the launch titles are lacking.”

The launch line-up consists of titles including Nintendogs + Cats, Professor Layton And The Mask Of Miracle, Ridge Racer 3D, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Pro Evolution 3D Soccer, Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D, Samurai Warriors 3D and Battle Of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike.

Whilst we don’t particularly think that there isn’t something there to cater to fans of all genres, do you agree with such a sentiment or are Nicalis being a little too harsh?

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  1. Well first off, I thought Nicalis is the publisher of Cave Story. Pixel is the developer
    Second, it’s one employee, and he probably likes platformers (works for Pixel?) or some other genre that’s lacking in the launch.
    Third didn’t Nintendo say it was impossible to “win” with the launch? Guess lots of people think so too.

    And now my actual opinion. Yes, for me, it’s lacking. I’d like a couple platformers, or at least action-adventure games. For me PES and Pilotwings are the best of the line-up, as SSFIV is fun but not my cup of tea. Might pick up Pilotwings though; just waiting for more details like multiplayer (who doesn’t want to have a Dogfight online?).

    1. Nicalis and Pixel worked together to develop/ publish and integrate Cave Story to WiiWare and DSiWare, Pixel was only solely responsible for the development of the original PC version.

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