Next Pokémon GO news promised in “mid-October”


The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo and Niantic raised eyebrows when Pokémon GO was announced. Their joint venture is to produce an augmented reality title for iOS and Android, promising to take your Pokémon journey into the wide world through location-based integration.

That will encourage players to take their adventure outdoors for the first time, but Slate raised concerns about interaction with malicious players, the dangers that Pokémon GO will know your location, and that data gathered could potentially be sold on to third parties.

Those are understandable worries for parents in particular. But, in reaching out to Niantic to comment on how they were being taken into consideration, the company revealed that more information would be shared in “mid-October.”

“We’re not quite ready to talk in more depth about Pokémon GO than what was revealed in the announcement press release and assets,” Niantic’s representative Evan Dexter explained. “Come mid-October we’ll be able to start going into more depth about our plans for the game, and about our plans for real world gaming overall.”

We’re also still yet to hear about Nintendo’s first mobile title that was said to be releasing this year, produced as part of their business and capital alliance with DeNA.

Pokémon GO will be available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play in 2016.

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