NexPlayer Enables Video Streaming For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Photo

NexStreaming has revealed the Nintendo Switch SDK has become the latest addition to their Player SDK family, representing the first player to enable video streaming for the portable home console.

Having worked with Nintendo to port the NexPlayer SDK into Nintendo Switch, this has now made it possible to implement HLS and DASH streaming inside apps on the console. The “easy to integrate” technology has been used by brands such as BT, Sky, HBO, AT&T, Vodafone and more, and is also used on Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Over The Top (OTT) providers will now be able to offer their Live and Video on Demand (VOD) services to more than 84.59 million console owners worldwide, while publishers will now have the chance to include video content within their games.

“Our role in the industry is to enable the most advanced video services for the largest number of devices. Adding Nintendo Switch to our list of supported platforms is aligned with this strategy,” explains NexStreaming CEO Carlos Lucas. “Nintendo´s support has been key for this achievement. We hope our customers start maximizing the usage of this technology very soon.”

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  1. “representing the first player to enable video streaming for the portable home console.”

    Umm no, YouTube and Hulu have been on the console for years. Very cool to see a new service, but definitely not the first.

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