Nexis Games bringing Minecraft clone ‘U Craft’ to Wii U


BrickBlast U! developer Nexis Games have shared their intention to release U Craft later this year as a Wii U exclusive.

The rather shameless Minecraft clone fills the void where Mojang won’t tread, inviting players to explore an open world where they will use blocks to create items, artwork and colossal structures. The Wii U GamePad will apparently support Off-TV Play, as well as the chance to manage your inventory and access creation tools.

Nintendo had previously shared that they were “big fans” of Mojang’s smash hit, although lead designer Jens Bergensten stated that it was “very unlikely” that it would ever see a Wii U release. Notch dismissed rumours that appeared later that year, stating that he “not aware of any plans” and that the developer had far “too much work already.”

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