New Yoku’s Island Express Trailer Introduces Mokumana Island’s Residents

Yoku's Island Express Screenshot

Team17 and Villa Gorilla have released a new Yoku’s Island Express trailer that will let you meet more characters that will appear in the platform adventure.

When Yoku arrives on Mokumana Island to become the new postmaster, he’s ready for the easy life – being able to soak up the sun while delivering parcels on a tropical paradise.

But he soon discovers that the island deity Mokuma has been trapped in a restless slumber, with his nightmares causing quakes and storms across the island.

Yoku sets out on a noble quest to save the troubled god, and, as he travels the island, he will meet quirky villagers like Fosfor who craves tasty Cove Mushrooms, mountaineers Ohm, Tilo and Jamja who are climbing the Mt. Peak trail, Spina, Juice Master Jeepers, and the rest of the Skull Gang, and more.

Yoku’s Island Express will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018.

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