New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Opening Movie Reveals Killer7 Is Set In The Same Universe

Dan Smith Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Killer7 Screenshot

Grasshopper Manufacture had teased that a Day 7 Patch for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes would “add a new opening movie,” and that software update, version 1.0.2, has now become available.

In this new cinematic, it is revealed that, after spending seven years searching for him, it was killer7 protagonist Dan Smith (“The Hellion”) that had told Badman where he could find Travis Touchdown to exact his revenge. That, as we know, is because Travis murdered his daughter, Bad Girl.

However, before handing Badman a Death Ball, Smith explains that he has the chance to “bring your daughter back” – two elements that reveal that he knows about the Death Drive Mk II and that, after collecting six Death Balls, the player will be rewarded with one wish.

As well as that, it means that Goichi Suda – or Suda51 – has revealed to the world that the No More Heroes series and killer7 exist in the same universe.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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