New Swords & Soldiers HD trailer charges in


This week heralds the arrival of Swords & Soldiers HD on the Nintendo eShop, a new trailer providing a call to arms as to what players can expect from the Wii U remake.

Ronimo Games side-scrolling strategy game first appeared on WiiWare, with Two Tribes, known for the sumptuous Toki Tori 2, having been responsible for upgrading the title for Wii U.

Three campaigns see the Aztecs, Vikings and Imperial Chinese fight against one another in an effort to gain the powers of the gods, with the game supporting touchscreen and Wii Remote control input. Whilst bonus games, skirmish mode and achievements offer longevity, two-player multiplayer which sees one player using the TV and the other on the Wii U GamePad, a new addition to the game’s Wii U outing.

Swords & Soldiers HD will release on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop across Europe and North America on May 22nd.

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