New Super Lucky’s Tale Digital Pre-Order Bonus Unlocks The Space Suit Costume

New Super Lucky’s Tale Space Suit Costume Screenshot

Playful Studios has announced a New Super Lucky’s Tale digital pre-order bonus, rewarding those that buy the game on the Nintendo eShop with the Space Suit costume.

In this “true love letter” to classic 3D platformers, you will be challenged to run, jump, climb incredible heights, burrow deep underground, and overcome enemies in your quest to rescue the Book of Ages from Jink and his nefarious Kitty Litter.

Previously released for Xbox One and PC in November 2017, it comes to Nintendo Switch with new levels, story, cinematics, and character dialogue.

You can also expect tighter movement and player controls, a fully rotatable 3D camera, and other upgrades to the game’s art and lighting, UI, sound, music, and more.

New Super Lucky’s Tale will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 8th.

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