New Starlink: Battle For Atlas Trailer Explores Planets In The Star System

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Star System Screenshot

Ubisoft has released a new Starlink: Battle for Atlas trailer to coincide with Gamescom 2018, in which they explore the seven planets in the Atlas star system which is located 431 light-years away from Earth.

Atlas is a triple star system within the Pleiades cluster, and has seven planets that you will be able to travel to seamlessly: Kirite the arid wasteland, Haven the deadly paradise, Necrom the decaying cryptworld, Tundria the frozen expanse, Sonatus the tranquil utopia, Vylus the bacterial jungle, and Ashar the volcanic badlands.

The publisher has collaborated with Virtuos on the Nintendo Switch port, which exclusively has Fox McCloud and an Arwing in the Starter Pack and will require a 15GB download to play.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 16th.

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