New Sparklite Trailer Explores Sparkmaster Rizzle’s Workshop Of Wonders

Sparklite Key Art

Merge Games and Red Blue Games have released a new trailer for Sparklite, revealing more about the weapons and gadgets that you will wield as you explore Geodia’s Biomes.

With Sparkmaster Rizzle’s Workshop of Wonders open in town, you will easily have the chance to upgrade your equipment whenever you wish.

That includes the Boom Balloon that explodes with remote control, quick-firing bursts of energy from the Spark Slinger, discharging intense spikes of energy with the Spark Blitzer, or the Rocket Boots that grant short, concentrated bursts of speed. There are also gadgets such as Wingnut’s enhancing Flare Bang, and the handy Multi-Tool Wrench.

Your goal in Sparklite is to lead the fight against the Baron. As the lifeforce of the planet, Sparklite ties everything in the world together.

The planet’s inhabitants have learned how to harness it for their own purposes, but it can be consumed for a surge of power with grave consequences.

The Baron has started to mine Sparklite to fuel his powerful war machines, with the resulting pollution corrupting the world. It falls to Ada to shut down the Baron’s dig site before he can obtain the Sparklite core.

Sparklite will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in October.

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