New Sonic Lost World details race in

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Sonic Lost World will see SEGA’s iconic blue hero be faced with his most powerful enemy to date, Nintendo of Europe have today shared.

Dr. Eggman’s plans for world dominance continue, seeing him look to harness the power of six tyrannical creatures known as the Deadly Six. However, Sonic must save the day and unite with his nemesis to combat the Deadly Six when they rise against their master.

At his disposal, Sonic has access to new parkour moves and improves Colour Powers, which are presumably plucked from Wii and Nintendo DS exclusive Sonic Colours. These can be controlled through manipulating the Wii U GamePad, tilting, touching, and aiming Sonic through dynamic terrain. Off-TV Play is also supported, alongside a two-player support mode.

An extensive single-player adventure and competitive multiplayer modes also feature, across both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions, whilst the handheld instalment will be the first on such platform to feature fully realised 3D levels.

Nintendo of Europe will distribute Sonic Lost World later this year throughout Europe and Australia.

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