New Shovel Knight trailer announces March release date


Yacht Club Games have announced that their fiendish platformer, Shovel Knight, has now entered alpha, sharing a new trailer that announces the title’s March 31st release date.

“We hit alpha this week! Wooo,” the developer celebrated. “While this is exciting news for us, lots of people were left scratching their heads… what exactly is an Alpha, you ask?

“That answer changes a lot depending on the studio, but for us it means we have first pass completion of all content in the game. All features are implemented. All levels are playable. All bosses are fightable. All items are gettable! Everything is there. You can play the entire game from front to back. It’s all real!

“The next step is heading towards beta. For us, beta means we will have all of that content finished, and the only outstanding issues in the game will be fixing small bugs and issues that remain. In the remaining weeks, our time will be spent doing playthroughs, playtesting, balance, iteration, polish, dialog, localisation, testing, certification…exciting stuff. The polish that happens now is one of the most important phases of development!”

Shovel Knight is slated to release for Wii U and 3DS on March 31st.

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