New QV Trailer Introduces A Girl Veiled In Mystery

QV Mystery Character Image

CFK and IZZLE have released a new trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game QV, which will release on Nintendo Switch.

This introduces an unnamed character who “may look like Quby, but she is not actually her,” meaning that she has been left surrounded in mystery.

QV tells the story of a young girl called Quby, who is destined to protect the balance and harmony between worlds and dimensions.

You will have the chance to journey across dimensions, exploring the ruins of old worlds as you work to uncover the mysteries and secrets that these ancient sites hide.

That sees you overcome traps, puzzles and golems that guard the alter, using Quby’s power to control dimensions – creating portals, walking on water and other amazing feats.

QV will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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