New Pokémon Magiana Revealed In CoroCoro Comic


Update: We now have our first scan of Magiana in CoroCoro Comic’s pages, which sees it classified as a Man-Made Pokémon. It has a metallic body, and was made more than 500 years ago. It will star in the new movie alongside Volcanion, which we now know will be called Pokémon The Movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Contriving Magiana.


Original Story: CoroCoro Comic has shared the cover of their next issue, teasing that they will reveal a brand new Pokémon called Magiana.

Their cover shares little more than a silhouette, but we’ll learn more this week as the issue will land with subscribers in the next few days – ahead of hitting retailer shelves on Monday 15th February.

Shogakukan’s monthly manga magazine has had a long association with the Pokémon brand, and that association will continue in this anniversary year – which marks 20 years since the first Pokémon games launched in Japan.

In their last issue, CoroCoro had promised to deliver “a major announcement that will affect the entire world.” Could we finally discover what’s next for the mainline Pokémon series?



[Thanks Serebii]
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