New Pokémon GO Gameplay Details Announced


The Pokémon Company International has shared more gameplay details about Pokémon GO, their as yet undated mobile collaboration with Niantic.

Set to launch “later this year” on the App Store and Google Play, players are encouraged to search in the real world to discover new Pokémon. An eary field test is currently underway in Japan, but they confirm that there are no plans to roll this out worldwide “while the game is still in active development.” Therefore, they reiterate that “features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not finalised.”

Now that’s clarified, we have more information to sift through. As we know, the objective will be to find and catch wild Pokémon on your travels, and these will be found in their native environments – such as Water-type Pokémon appearing near lakes and oceans.

Your phone will vibrate to let you know that a Pokémon is nearby, and, once encountered, it can be caught by using the touch screen to throw a Poké Ball. These, and other special items, can be found at PokéStops, which will be located at interesting landmarks.

As you progress, your Trainer level will increase. This will let you capture more powerful Pokémon and unlock access to more items, and players can unlock achievement medals by completing a variety of challenges. Players will also be encouraged to join one of three teams, in which they can engage in Gym battles against the others.

Pokémon can evolve if the same species is caught multiple times, whereas Pokémon Eggs can be found at PokéStops – which will hatch after players walk a specific distance.

Once you have joined, one of your Pokémon can be assigned to empty Gyms which will be situated at real locations. Only one Pokémon per player can be allocated to them, and teams will have to work together to build a strong defense against other teams who will try to claim it as their own.

Pokémon GO will launch later this year for iOS and Android devices.





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