New Pokémon appear in Hoopa and The Clash of Ages post-credits trailer


This past weekend saw Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages open at cinemas across Japan, and, as teased by CoroCoro Comic has shared the first look at new Pokémon.

While the towering silhouette that the Japanese magazine had shared made an expected appearance, this was prefaced by a quirkier Pokémon that briefly “blobbed about” the brand’s logo.

Serebii‘s close friend Gin saw the movie, and shares her impressions of what she saw:

She describes it as being bright green with one eye larger than the other. During the trailer for next years movie, its eye looked through the O of the word Pokémon and then it blobbed about. This was then followed by the large new Pokémon silhouette revealed on July 12th. Gin has kindly provided a few possible sketches of this Pokémon, but it is likely to differ greatly. It of course could still be an alternate form, a weird separated part of a new form of an existing Pokémon or something completely new, but it remains to be seen.

This was then followed by another sketch penned by one of the website’s friends, which added that the unknown creature had a red stomach.

Legendary Pokémon Zygarde is known to have a central role to play in next year’s Pokémon the Movie XY, which is scheduled to launch in summer 2016.



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