New Octopath Traveler Trailer Introduces H’aanit, Therion, Noble And Rogue Path Actions, And Side Stories

H'aanit Octopath Traveler Screenshot

Square Enix has released a new Octopath Traveler trailer, that introduces H’aanit the Hunter, Therion the Thief, Noble and Rogue Path Actions, and Side Stories.

H’aanit the Hunter sets off on a journey in search of her master, who vanished pursuing a dreadful fiend. Her Path Action is Provoke, she can ‘sic’ various beasts on the people around her to draw them into combat. By doing so, she can chase off troublemakers or open paths blocked by foes.

When a mysterious client asks him to retrieve a rare gemstone, Therion the Thief sets off on a journey of his own. Therion’s Path Action is Steal. As you can expect, he can pilfer various items from almost everyone he meets. This way he can acquire valuable items not available from in-game stores or procure goods sought by certain individuals in return for rewards.

Then there are Noble and Rogue Path Actions that you can choose between. For example, to acquire items from townspeople you can purchase them as the Noble Path Action, or choose to steal them as the Rogue Path Action.

You can engage in Noble Path Actions without fear of failure, but your ability to use them may be limited by a character’s level or how much in-game currency you have. Rogue Path Actions can be used at any time regardless of your level. If you fail, your reputation in town will suffer and residents may become less receptive to your actions. However, you can pay the barkeep to spread good rumours about you to repair your reputation.

Lastly, Side Stories are additional quests that will often have more than one resolution. For example, you can choose to fight your way through trouble or find an item that will settle matters without any bloodshed. The choice is entirely in your hands.

Octopath Traveler will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 13th.

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