New Nintendo Switch Model Rumor Resurfaces After Production Changes

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Photo

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo would release two model revisions for the Nintendo Switch this year, one that “will have enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers” and another that has been created as “a cheaper option for casual gamers” to replace Nintendo 3DS.

Now, in an article this week, the publication has talked about how part of the portable home console’s production has moved to Southeast Asia in response to the tariffs that the United States has threatened to impose on Chinese-manufactured electronics.

With this, the report adds that those involved with the supply chain have stated that these new production facilities are not only helping to manufacture the current Nintendo Switch but the unannounced revisions as well.

This extra resource is needed as Nintendo wants to make sure that enough units are manufactured for their launch in the United States, which remains to be the largest market for the games industry.

When asked, a Nintendo spokesman stated that most of Nintendo Switch’s production is handled in China, but that the company continues to explore options in relation to where their products are assembled. Unsurprisingly, they would not comment on the rumored revisions.

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