New Nintendo NX Rumours Swirl Around Wireless HDMI Dongle


With Nintendo still staying silent about their next dedicated game platform, we’re left to continue exploring rumours that surround Nintendo NX.

The latest come from Geno, as reported by DualPixels, who accurately leaked that Pokémon would shift to a full-3D engine, introduce Fairy-type, and that legacy Pokémon would be refreshed with the Mega Evolution mechanic.

His attention has turned to Nintendo NX, suggesting that the device has an accompanying wireless HDMI dongle that can be inserted into any display with a standard HDMI output. Seen as being an evolved version of the streaming technology implemented with the Wii U GamePad, it allows for the device to be wirelessly displayed in HD on the TV screen.

It will use analog controls for movement, with small, internal motors allowing for full-haptic feedback – meaning that if your character runs into a wall, the sticks will respond by moving away from it.

It is described as being comparable to the Xbox One in terms of “power,” with the technology using the same hardware layout as Microsoft’s machine and Sony’s PlayStation 4. That means that games developed for those consoles can easily run on NX, and even more so if it runs on Android OS or Unreal Engine 4.

One anonymous third-party developer has even reportedly gone as far to say: “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.”

With strong networking functionality, it runs an operating system referred to as NintendOS that is seen as being very powerful and encompassing many modern features seen in mobile operating systems. Pokémon GO will provide an early indication as to the social features in NX, which will build on multiplayer, AR and the company’s enormously successful StreetPass concept.

With Bluetooth having been integrated, it can be synchronised with numerous devices that will encompass smartphones and tablets. That means that users will be able to answer phone calls and display text messages from their phone on NX.

That communicative strength will see it recognised for its usability and ease of use, with the device’s design compared to something between a Samsung product and the Nintendo 2DS. It sees Nintendo apparently hope that it will easily become a key part of the target consumer market’s lifestyle.

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    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for the comment. Given how hard even 4chan is to search through, it’s particularly unfair to say that “zero research” was taken in looking in to investigate this.

      In fact, when this had (re)surfaced there is a lengthy discussion on there that took a while before someone debunked it.

      Ahead of when Nintendo decide to share more, rumours will repeatedly surface as everyone continues to speculate as to what lies in their next chapter. Given wider reporting, I thought that this was credible and shared accordingly.

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