New Nintendo NX Rumour Suggests “Graphically Demanding” PS4 Game Will Be Ported


Another day, and a new Nintendo NX rumour emerges. This time, more rumblings that software development kits are preparing to enter wider distribution.

GoNintendo has shared information passed to them by MetalDave, an anonymous source that the website has “been using for years and years now.”

MetalDave has been in contact with an undisclosed developer working on PlayStation 4, who has reportedly verified their identity to him. That developer has shared that key second and third-party partners working with Nintendo already have NX development kits, and the project that he is working on is a “graphically demanding PlayStation 4 game” that Nintendo would like to see on the platform.

That being said, the studio that the developer works at does not have any dev kits nor details on the platform’s technical specifications. However, they know when they will be able to order a dev kit as Nintendo is screening early access to them before NX is revealed to the public.

As expected the process to obtain one is complex with plenty of paperwork required to be signed, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, the timing surrounding the dev kit availability and NDA have led the developer to believe that NX could see release in late 2016.

MetalDave added, “The developer told me that the time frame of the dev kits being made public for all or most developers to order goes in line with a 2016 release when referring to porting games, but the release of the NX will be up to Nintendo to ultimately ‘just do it’ and release the NX this year.”

The suggestion is that key partners most likely developing games for the “dedicated game platform” since last year include Bandai Namco Entertainment, Capcom, Square Enix, SEGA, ATLUS, Activision, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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  1. You got one key point incorrect. It isn’t that Nintendo would like to see it on the platform, it’s that the developer reports that they would like to have the opportunity to port it to the NX. We’ll just have to wait and see when the NX is unveiled, whenever that is.

  2. So your saying MetalDave the UTUBER, is under contract with a Ps4 software company?

    Lol. These utubers are just spokesmen for software and hardware companies.
    When they discredit Wii U, and put up nx videos its for their own gain, and not Nintendo’s.

    I’m starting to wonder if Nintendo’s on their side though, because we haven’t seen a Nintendo Direct since mid Dec. It seem like the are cutting ND. They’ve cut so many other things.

    Oh well I’ll remember that SuperMetalDave is under contract with a Ps4 software company or something along those lines, he’s not free lance.

  3. Next thing you know it’s going to play for you in virtual reality on your own 99″ super screen. I’ll be glad once Nintendo finally releases some more information about it.

  4. Street Fighter V or FFVII the NX. In reality the only games that would make sense, especially with the add ons of Ryu and Cloud to Super Smash Bros.

  5. It can’t be Arkham Knight it would be a graphically demanding game for xbox one also which has less power than ps4 my guess is Final Fantasy but it could just be an exclusive game thats on ps4 we’ll have to wait and see I hope its not a gimmick console like you score so many points on a game and tickets come out like you’re at chuck e cheese :\

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