New Nintendo Account system launches in Japan

nintendo account

Nintendo has today launched their new Nintendo Account system in Japan, a move that has seen the company at last unify their account creation process.

The Nintendo Account system will work across Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, NX, tablets, smartphones, PC and at theme parks, where the company is looking to leverage the its IP with new attractions.

Users can now create an account with an existing Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, with a launch promotion rewarding those that do so with 100 yen (£0.50) for every 1000 yen (£5) spent in the Nintendo eShop.

Before you get trigger happy, there is a spending limit of 10,000 yen in place within a 24 hour window – meaning that you can’t earn more than 1,000 yen each day. Whatever you earn will be rewarded by a voucher code sent by email, so in some ways it works similarly to the Deluxe Digital Promotion – but now across both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

This will be joined by the new My Nintendo membership service in March 2016, which replaces the discontinued Club Nintendo service.

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