New Nintendo 3DS bundles to target girls in Japan


As part of their renewed marketing effort to appeal to more girls in Japan, Nintendo are looking to lure them toward a purchase with two New Nintendo 3DS bundles.

Their ‘Nintendo 3DS for girls’ website primarily highlights game genres that they feel they will enjoy, such as Rhythm Heaven: The Best+, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Girls Mode 3, The Great Ace Attorney and Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons.

But everyone will naturally need a handheld to play them on, and so the website also presents the New Nintendo 3DS bundles. These are white New Nintendo 3DS systems with ‘Madras Check’ and ‘Pastel Dot’ cover plates that will be exclusive to each bundle.

The Madras Check New Nintendo 3DS bundle is available at retail from today in Japan, whereas the Pastel Dot New Nintendo 3DS bundle will release on July 30th.

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