New My Nintendo Missions Signal Exclusive Rewards

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My Nintendo added new Missions this last week, which have hinted at how the rewards programme will continue to evolve over time.

These were “Set promotional e-mails to ‘Receive from Nintendo'” and “Keep promotional e-mails set to ‘Receive from Nintendo’ (monthly),” which each reward members with 30 Platinum Points.

Their introduction seemed particularly out of the blue at the time, but now we can understand the reasoning behind their sudden appearance.

Nintendo of Europe has pushed a notification that reads: “By the way, we’re preparing even more benefits for our email readers, like subscriber-exclusive Nintendo eShop discount offers or early access to certain content. Choose to stay informed and enjoy the benefits!”

As to what early access content that will be to is unclear, but, looking at how the programme has been run in Japan, we can expect it to relate to demos at least early on – as with Culdcept Revolt.

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