New live-action Tekken movie starts shooting this month


We’ve been treated to numerous Tekken films over the years, although the computer-generated representations always held the upper hand over their live-action counterparts.

Whatever our sins, it appears we’re being treated to another in Tekken: A Man Called X, which will act as a prequel to 2010’s Tekken, in which Jin Kazama sought vengeance for his mother’s death.

Kane Kosugi announced his involvement with the film on his official blog, taking the leading role of ‘X’ although the true identity of the character is unknown. This is Kosugi’s first lead role in a Hollywood film, best known for 2002’s Muscle Heat but who also starred as Ryu Hayabusa in 2006’s attrocious DOA: Dead or Alive.

Filming will begin this month, so you can expect it to be finalised later this year, or early 2015.

[Thanks City on Fire]

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