New Hyrule Warriors screenshots charge in


Hyrule Warriors is the cover story of this week’s Famitsu, with the Japanese magazine providing a glimpse at how the Wii U exclusive crossover is shaping up.

We’re treated to four new screenshots, which at least immediately show how the game has been spruced up visually since we last saw it in action late last year. Melding Tecmo Koei’s Warriors series with that of The Legend of Zelda, the evil witch Shia, the game’s new antagonist who has kidnapped Princess Zelda, as well as Link himself, with full character artwork also shown.

Tecmo Koei recently indicated that they hoped the crossover title would achieve at least one million sales globally, and will see release in Japan this summer.






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  1. Ooooh pretty :). And Link looks adorable! Now if they also add some coop multiplayer with four different coloured Links than this becomes a must buy! :).

  2. Oh my goodness, Link is so perfect! Finally, a game where Link looks exactly how I want him to look. OMGOMGOMG! And look at those villains! Whoa whoa. Overly huge cleavage?! Nintendo be skipping censors. xD

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