New free-to-start Pushmo game releases in Japan

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Out of the blue, Nintendo have today released Pushmo: Hippa Land in Japan as a new free-to-start game for Nintendo 3DS.

This will hopefully help to introduce the puzzler by Intelligent Systems to a broader audience, allowing you to play seven puzzles for free taken from four different worlds. These will comprise of regular puzzles, those inspired by real-life objects, some that add enemies to make discovering a solution more difficult, and more modelled around NES sprites.

Players will no longer only play as Mallo with a new character introduced in each world. Once you’ve beaten the free puzzles you can either buy 100 new courses for the regular puzzle world for 500 yen (£2.65), or 50 new courses for each other world for 300 yen (£1.60) separately.

There’ll be a discount for buying all four at 1000 yen (£5.30), which will also provide access to a far more difficult challenge world. Purchasing any world will unlock the Create-A-Puzzle feature as seen in previous games, which will allow you to share creations by using QR Codes.

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