New details emerge from Super Mario 3D World Developer Direct


Super Mario 3D World is placed under the spotlight, as game director Koichi Hayashida delivers his own Developer Direct.

There are four playable characters – Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad – each with their own characteristics. Mario’s an all-round character, Luigi can jump higher, Peach has a “floaty” jump meaning she has less change of falling into pits, whilst Toad is geared toward more experienced players.

The new Cat power up allows you to scurry up walls and end-level flagpoles, whilst clear warp pipes allow you to see what the Mushroom Kingdom characters get up to in there! The Fire Flower power-up also allows you to throw fireballs down the pipes.

The Wii U GamePad can be used to freeze enemies and objects, with invisible coins and blocks able to be discovered by touching that area on the screen. Camera control can also be managed through use of the gyro sensor, if desired, to hunt out collectibles.

Hayashida closes by saying he feels this will be the “grand culmination of all the best ideas from past 3D Mario games.”

Super Mario 3D World will launch exclusively for Wii U in December.

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