New Bravely Default trailer presents Job classes


Whilst everyone across Europe may have been enjoying Bravely Default’s delights over the past month, but it’s still a few weeks from reaching North America’s shores.

In advance of that, this new trailer runs you through a handful of the Job classes that are available to your party. Whilst 24 can be unlocked in-game not all are shown here, but you can still see the more core Jobs, such as the Knight, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage and Summoner in action, as well as the more obscure choices like Merchant, Spell Fencer, Time Mage, and Valkyrie.

We were rather smitten with Bravely Default, writing in our review: “Without any expectation lauded behind it, Bravely Default can not only celebrate becoming the hidden gem of 2013, but the latest in an enviable string of must have titles to have fluttered their way onto Nintendo’s handheld.”

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