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New Afterparty Trailer Gets Started On Outdrinking Satan

Night School Studio has released a new trailer for Afterparty on Nintendo Switch, as the adventure game nears launch.

The recently deceased best friends suddenly find themselves faced with an eternity in Hell. But, luckily for them, there is a loophole. If they can outdrink Satan he will let them return to Earth.

While setting out on the best bender ever, you will look to uncover the mystery of why they have been damned and, ultimately, drink the big guy under the table.

With different bars to stumble into, you can take part in beer pong, dance-offs, karaoke and chugging competitions with every action you take not only affecting Milo and Lola but the people and places of Hell.

Afterparty will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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