New 2D Super Mario title confirmed for Nintendo 3DS

new super mario bros 3DS

Nintendo have confirmed plans to release a “totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D” for Nintendo 3DS, during an earnings briefing held in Tokyo.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed that it will launch within the next fiscal year, which means at some point between April 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013.

Such an announcement was made during a section in which Iwata outlined how Nintendo would continue to improve upon its latest handheld, explaining that the company expects to stop taking a loss on the hardware during the first half of the fiscal year.

He also admitted that the price cut, which proved to be a necessary move to stimulate ailing Nintendo 3DS sales, had had an adverse effect on the company’s profits.

[Thanks Andriasang]

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  1. WTF Nintendo this clearly came “out of the blue”. Nintendo seemed to have went back on their policy of not announcing games till they actually have something functional to show. Hopefully this game will employ a new art style as opposed to the New Super Mario Bros. art style, which after two games is starting to get a bit old tbh

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