“Never underestimate Nintendo,” Ubisoft states

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“Never underestimate Nintendo” is the latest comment to be made ahead of the company’s unveiling of Project Café during their E3 Media Presentation, this time coming from Rob Cooper, Managing Director at Ubisoft UK.

“What you always get with Nintendo is innovation, with consumers at the heart of the technologies they create, which will always result in huge success and I’m more than confident that Wii 2 will live up to this,” Cooper stated during an interview in the latest issue of MCV. “Never underestimate Nintendo and their capacity to look at gaming in new and innovative ways, I expect to be wowed.”

Cooper also touched upon the subject of the initial disappointing sales figures for the Nintendo 3DS, citing that “key brands” will become the biggest hardware drivers ahead of Christmas – undoubtedly leading to improved sales.

“Ubisoft has always been a big Nintendo supporter and we’ve always positioned ourselves early on their new formats”, Cooper discussed. “I know that sales of the 3DS haven’t been up to the level Nintendo initially hoped but there are some key brands coming to the format and these will be big hardware drivers in the run up to Christmas. I’m certain that 3DS will have a good Christmas.”

[Thanks, MCV ]

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