Netflix Adds Pokémon The Movie: Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages


Those with a fondness for streaming movies directly into their eyeballs on Netflix, will now discover that the service has joined in the anniversary celebrations surrounding 20 years since the first Pokémon games launched in Japan.

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, which became available as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play earlier in the year, has now been added to watch on the streaming service, at least in the United Kingdom.

As its title implies, viewers can look forward to Ash, Pikachu and pals meeting Hoopa when they visit a desert city by the sea. The Mythical Pokémon has the ability to summon people and Pokémon through a magic ring, with the story revolving around a story that they uncover about a brave hero who had once stopped the rampage of a terrifying Pokémon long ago.

Those looking for more animated Pokémon action can still find Pokémon Indigo League, Pokémon the Series: XY, and Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction to watch on the service.

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