Ness amiibo exclusive to GameStop in United States

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This week’s Nintendo Direct brought news that the Super Smash Bros. amiibo collection’s fourth wave will be descending on North America on May 29th.

As expected, that’s also unfortunately been met with retailer exclusivity emerging. We already know that the Greninja amiibo is exclusive to Toys R Us in the United States, and GameStop have since revealed that they will exclusively sell the Ness amiibo.

With retailer exclusive amiibo resulting in scalpers trying to secure as much stock as possible to sell for profit, it’s unsurprising that pushing pre-orders live today has resulted in GameStop’s website crashing.

“Due to very strong demand for the newest wave of Nintendo’s amiibo figures, GameStop is experiencing some technical issues with our website,” GameStop have shared. “At this time, we are accepting pre-orders of amiibo in stores only while we resolve these issues. We are working aggressively to resolve the technical issues as quickly as possible and expect it to be back online shortly.”

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