NES Remix twists the classics on Nintendo eShop


This week’s Nintendo Direct introduced us to a surprise Nintendo eShop release, NES Remix.

As the name suggests, it brings together a selection of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) titles, and re-imagines them with new gameplay twists and challenges. That could see you defeating a certain number of enemies whilst invincible in Super Mario Bros., popping giant bubbles in Balloon Fight, climbing a set number of floors in Ice Climber, or jumping over barrels in Donkey Kong.

Across the 16 games, there are also quick Remix Stages that are altered from their original versions through new elements being introduced. Miiverse support sees players able to collect 8-bit stamps, whilst also sharing their clear time and record for each stage.

NES Remix is now available for Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

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