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At a time when gaming is focusing on the latest graphics, photorealism and cinematic experiences, Nintendo has decided to go a completely different route for one of their latest download titles. NES Remix is a sixteen-strong combination of the classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, all chopped up into various challenges.

These sixteen games are among the most iconic NES titles that were released by Nintendo back in the 1980s and are sure to hold a level of nostalgia for many seasoned gamers. The game starts off with just a few of the games available and then opens more up as you complete more challenges.


The challenges are relatively straightforward with tasks such as defeating an enemy or jumping a barrel, with you being ranked based on your speed of completion. However, they increase in difficulty and scope as you progress, such as going through a dungeon room in The Legend of Zelda without being hit. Some of these challenges also require some level of knowledge of the game, asking you to do things such as find a hidden entrance.

All the games run identically to how they did on the NES, which means that any issues with controls, such as in Ice Climber and Mario Bros. remain. This can lead to some frustrating situations as you try to defeat your best score in the challenges. The more popular games also contain more challenges such as Super Mario Bros. having 23 challenges compared to Pinball’s six.


The best part of the game is the Remix stages. These challenges take the classic games and add various twists to them. From playing as Link in a Donkey Kong stage to having to navigate a Super Mario Bros. stage without stopping, sometimes even having the image of the game shrunk and repeated in order to confuse you. These special challenges bring a fresh feeling to the game and are a feature that I happily replay at will. Like the normal challenges, these increase in difficulty as you progress.

Unfortunately, the game lacks any form of multiplayer, but it has decent Miiverse integration. At the end of each challenge, you have the ability to post about the challenge. These posts then may appear beside the challenge in other player’s games, assuming they are connected to the Internet. In addition to that, as you defeat more challenges, you unlock various stamps of characters and items from all the games which act as an achievement system of sorts.


NES Remix is an enjoyable game if you grew up in the 80s and played the games, or have experienced them before in the past. There is something very tantalising about completing challenges on your favourite NES games and repeating it to get your best score. However, if you’re new to all of these games, there is little you will get out of it.

Version Tested: Wii U
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