NDcube Behind 51 Worldwide Games On Nintendo Switch

51 Worldwide Games Screenshot

NDcube has confirmed that it is the developer behind 51 Worldwide Games on Nintendo Switch, or Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics as it is known in North America.

It is the second game that the Tokyo-headquartered developer has worked on for the portable home console, with board game sensation Super Mario Party having been their first project.

The compilation gathers 51 board games and tabletop games from around the world in one package.

That covers playing familiar favourites like Chess to exploring and learning new games such as Mancala, which can either let you sit and strategise or will come to see you rely on your reflexes.

While there’s the chance to play alone, you are also able to play against up to four players locally or online in games that are multiplayer-orientated.

We have been enjoying our time with the game, concluding in our 51 Worldwide Games review: “51 Worldwide Games is a brilliant collection of some of the best (and in some cases oldest) games out there. From cards to dominoes and boards to balls, you’ll find a varied mix both familiar and fresh all wrapped in a wonderfully clean and polished package.”

51 Worldwide Games is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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