Namco: Tales series will release on Wii U if install base grows


The Wii U install base must grow before Namco Bandai consider bringing their popular ‘Tales’ series to the platform.

Producer and brand manager Hideo Baba explained that it isn’t a matter of how powerful the hardware is, but more “What consoles do our fans have?”

“So we like the idea of the Wii U – we think it’s a great system – and if it becomes more and more successful in the future that’s a console we would like to tap eventually, but for the time being we don’t have any plans and we are focused on maintaining our fanbase on PlayStation 3,” Baba explained to Destructoid.

“It’s not really about our opinions on whether or not it’s a good system; ultimately it becomes a question of, ‘What consoles do our fans have?'”

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  1. Namco seriously underestimates its tales fans and how far they will go. Firstly Tales fans owns all systems and some even buy systems JUST to play Tales games. Tales fans also will buy foreign systems or throw warranty aside and modify their systems just to play a game that is not available to them. Tales Fans will play them in a language they don’t know just to play it. If Namco said they had plans to make a Tales game for the Wii u today I would buy a Wii u before the end of the day. That is why I have 2 Wiis one is Japanese so I can play Graces.

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