Namco Bandai set to unleash Ridge Racer 3D for Nintendo 3DS launch

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In further expanding the software line-up for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, Namco Bandai have today officially announced Ridge Racer 3D for the latest handheld.

Fans of the series can once again drift through hairpin turns at blistering speeds as they edge away from the rest of the pack on an experience level never seen before in on-screen racing, having utilised the stereoscopic 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS. Players will now be able to judge the distance between them and their competition with 3D depth of field, as dirt flies around them on rough terrain and nitrous flames erupt out of tail pipes in a perfect display of the game’s particle effects.

In addition, you can look forward to an all-new line up of high-powered muscle machines alongside the existing in-game selection of race-tuned road beasts. Whereas the new ‘Drift Button’ makes it easier than ever to pull off spectacular turns through tight corners without ever fearing the loss of your position in the race. As you can expect, new and exciting courses have been created ranging from canyons to snow-capped mountains.

The game will also feature an Ad-Hoc multiplayer mode that will allow up to four players to battle it out for drift supremacy. Having chosen a registered Mii™ tag, or your own photo, this will readily appear above your machine during a race to allow you to know exactly who you’re being pitted against.

The Nintendo 3DS’ unique Street Pass ability will also be utilised through the ability to swap Ghost data, providing the opportunity to create your personal ‘My Ranking’ profile by swapping course records with friends.

Ridge Racer 3D is due to release within the launch line-up of titles for the Nintendo 3DS, due to release on March 25th in Europe and March 27th across North America.

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