Namco Bandai confirm current 2012 release schedule

Namco Bandai have confirmed their current European release schedule for 2012, detailing titles set for Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U platforms.

Three Nintendo 3DS games, including PAC-MAN Party, Tekken 3D Prime Edition and Ben 10 Galactic Racing, are to hit retail between now and mid-March, as well as Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut on Nintendo DS.

The Wii U version of Tekken, previously shown at E3 2011, also appears suggesting that it may form part of the home console’s launch line-up.

Namco Bandai’s current release schedule for 2012, on Nintendo platforms, is as follows:
* Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut, February 10th [Nintendo DS] * PAC-MAN Party, February 10th [Nintendo 3DS] * Tekken 3D Prime Edition, February 17th [Nintendo 3DS] * Ben 10 Galactic Racing, March 16th [Nintendo 3DS] * Tekken, TBC [Wii U]

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