N64 Emulator App Pulled On Xbox One


After Microsoft rushed to remove the NESBox emulator app from the Xbox One marketplace, the company has now had to deal with a Nintendo 64 counterpart.

Win64e10 is described by the app’s developer MobWi as “the most advanced N64 emulator for Windows 10,” letting those that pay the £7.69 price tag to play games from the retro console’s catalogue on PC, tablet, Windows Phone, or Xbox One.

News relating to the app’s presence spread like wildfire on Reddit as, because Microsoft hadn’t approved its release, it could only be discovered if searched by name.

Becoming aware of the loophole, Microsoft has since made the app no longer available to purchase although those that already bought it can still put it to use.

The app had allowed users to access illegal ROM versions that they have uploaded to OneDrive, which, in this case, will then let you play Nintendo 64 classics within the app on Xbox One.

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