N-ZAP ’89 and Octobrush now available in Splatoon


Ahead of this weekend’s Splatfest in Splatoon, Nintendo have delivered two new weapons for you to equip your Inkling with in the N-ZAP ’89 and Octobrush.

“Ah yes, the N-ZAP ’89. This is quite simply an N-ZAP ’85 that was redesigned for… well, definitely not legal reasons. No siree. Nothing to see here. Lawyers definitely did not have anything to do with this,” the Squid Research Lab shares. “It includes a Sprinkler to rapidly increase your turf, allowing you to fire off remarkably fast Inkstrikes! This set is excellent at striking where the foe least expects it. Good for lone wolves and those nostalgic for the good ol’ days!”

As for the Octobrush, they write: “Need a brush that packs a powerful punch? The Octobrush is a brush with denser bristles that fling even more ink with each swipe! Use that mobility to scatter Squid Beakons everywhere, giving your whole team free rein of the battlefield! No need to hesitate – you can always use the Kraken to run away in a pinch. Your team will love you!”

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