n-Space: Miiverse “could revolutionise” online interaction

wii u miiverse

Whilst Nintendo’s E3 press conference was met with mixed reaction, it was the reveal of Wii U’s social infrastructure that has begun to get tongues wagging in a more positive response.

It enables players to share experiences, discuss games and discover new content, using their Mii character to see anything that they have expressed interest in learning more about or that their friends are using or discussing.

This then allows you to challenge their friends to play together, perhaps ask a question regarding a part of a game that they are stuck at, or discover new elements of games that they previously didn’t know about.

“We saw at this year’s E3 some very innovative and exciting uses of the [Wii U] GamePad controller,” n-Space shared with Super Phillip Central.

“Of course, that tech defines how many people perceive the Wii U, but there’s much more Nintendo will achieve with the system. Miiverse could revolutionise how we think about and experience online interactions with other players.

“And because we’re developing the Nintendo 3DS release of Skylanders Giants, the Wii U’s Near Field Communication capabilities have us very excited.

“Would you collect a line of Super Smash Bros. figures to scan and unlock trophies in the upcoming Wii U game? We sure would!”

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