Myst set for Nintendo 3DS release

Myst 3DS Boxart

Myst 3DS BoxartMyst, the seminal fantasy-adventure title, is to release on Nintendo 3DS next year, Maximum Family Games have announced.

The story of Myst was first transitioned as a computer game series nearly two decades ago by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller of Cyan Worlds, and this latest version, developed by Hoplite Research, brings the universe to a new audience and expands upon it with extra content for veteran gamers.

Players must solve puzzles, explore their surroundings and interact with items and objects that deliver clues from which players must piece together answers in order to move ahead and solve the mysteries that lie within.

The game begins as the book of Myst has just been finished, with the reader finding themselves in the unusual world described within the book’s pages. Exploration begins immediately, as players wander around in an attempt to figure out where they are, and more importantly, why they have landed on the cryptic island of Myst.

The game features six worlds, also including the RIME Age that was not part of the original release, and offers countless hours of adventurous gameplay.

“Myst is expected to be a big hit with Nintendo 3DS players,” comments Len Ciciretto, President of Maximum Family Games. “It takes everything we all know and love about the Myst series and gives it a 3D facelift.

“The original Myst for PC systems was a groundbreaking game that brought the fantasy-adventure genre to mainstream casual gaming. The new Myst honors that history by reintroducing this well-known franchise to younger generations.”

Myst is set to release across North America on March 27th 2012, with no word on whether it’ll reach Europe.

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